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Coverage Limits
minimum coverage: $250,000 for ALL zones / maximum coverage for ALL zones: $2,000,000
minimum: $50,000 / maximum: $500,000

Enter $0 if contents is not desired
You can quote your own policy using the State Rate Page. Because underwriting approval is only good for 60 days, applications should only be completed when you are ready to purchase coverage.
Deductible *
Applies separately to building and contents
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Requested Effective Date *
Requested Effective Date
Cannot be more than 60 days from date of application. Required waiting period is 14 days unless the date of a loan closing is sooner, you have an active FEMA policy, or a FEMA policy unpaid renewal is within the 30 day grace period. (to maintain prior expiration date requires a “no known loss” letter, click here). NO COVERAGE IS BOUND UNTIL THE APPLICATION IS APPROVED BY UNDERWRITER AND THE FULL ANNUAL PREMIUM IS RECEIVED.
Each structure requires a separate application other than a detached residential garage used only as a garage.
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UNDERWRITING information
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Expiration Date of Current Flood Policy
Expiration Date of Current Flood Policy
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Date of Construction *
Date of Construction
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Acknowledgement of potential loss of FEMA subsidy
In 2014, Congress enacted the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, which authorizes the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to make a lower cost flood insurance rating option (known as grandfathering) available to property owners who have participated in the NFIP by maintaining continuous, uninterrupted coverage through NFIP. If you intentionally allow your NFIP policy to lapse and later choose to repurchase a NFIP policy, it is possible that FEMA may apply the full risk rate -- and not the grandfathered lower cost rate -- for flood insurance for this property. Applicant hereby understands and acknowledges that if continuous coverage is not maintained with NFIP, then the subject property might no longer be eligible for a grandfathering discount, and the full risk rate may apply, if at some later date insurance applicant seeks to obtain coverage from the NFIP. *
Acknowledgement of availablility of coverage
Applicant attests that they are aware that personal property coverage of up to $500,000 is available and excess flood insurance over $500,000 is available and requires a separate application. *
Applicant attests that they are aware that flood insurance building coverage is available up to $2,000,000 and excess flood insurance over $2,000,000 is available and requires a separate application. *
Loss Record
Applicant attests that they are not aware of more than one flood loss within the past five years, unrepaired damage from a flood, a flood loss to the structure of $250,000 or greater, or that the property has been designated by FEMA as a Severe Repetitive Loss property. *
Applicant attests that they are aware that quoted premiums for properties with more than one flood loss within the past five years, properties with unrepaired damage from a flood, properties that incurred a flood loss to the structure of $250,000 or greater and any property that has been designated by FEMA as a Severe Repetitive Loss property are double those premiums quoted for properties without such losses and the policy, if issued, contains provisions for reduction and reformation of coverage if prior flood damage is discovered that has not been disclosed. *
Ineligible properties
Applicant attests that the building for which coverage is requested is NOT a Mobile Home, Condominium Unit, or Commercial Building. The building does not reside in an NFIP community under NFIP probation. Nor has the property been designated by a duly constituted State or local authority to be in violation of State or local floodplain management regulates (Section 1316). *
Payor of INITIAL policy term *
Who will be paying for this year's policy?
TFIA’s Private Market Flood program’s answer to ever-increasing annual flood insurance premiums is an option to pay up front the above two year premium, guaranteeing no increase for the second year of the policy. There is also an option to pay three years premium to lock in the rate for three years.

PLEASE INDICATE BELOW if you are applying for a one year, two year, or three year policy.

YOU MUST UPLOAD AN ELEVATION CERTIFICATE on the following screen. A thank you for uploading the elevation certificate will appear if the upload was successful.

 If you cannot upload the elevation certificate you can Fax to: 800-859-2186 or EMAIL to: 

An underwriter will review your application the same business day (usually within an hour) and, if approved, will email you an approved application for you to sign along with instructions on how to remit payment. This Application will be attached to and form a part of any Certificate and/or Policy that may be issued with LEXINGTON INSURANCE COMPANY.

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