FloodFLEX, is an innovative endorsement designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses
not covered by traditional flood insurance.

FloodFLEX is an additional supplemental loss payment that is based entirely upon the amount of the building loss settlement the insured would normally receive for their policy. FloodFLEX, endorses the policy to increase the loss payable for COVERAGE A – BUILDING COVERAGE, after the application of the Building Deductible found on the Declarations Page, by 10, 25, 50 or 100% percent. All other terms and conditions of this policy remain the same.

 This additional loss payment can be used at the insured’s discretion for any purpose, not limited to the possible out of pocket expenses listed below:

  • The deductible
  • Excluded items
    • Outbuildings not used as a garage
    • Outdoor personal property (patio furniture, etc.)
    • Undamaged upper kitchen cabinets (to match damaged lower cabinets)
    • Golf carts
    • Lawns, shrubs and plants
    • Wells, septic tanks and septic systems
    • Decks, driveways and patios
    • Fences, retaining walls, docks and seawalls
    • Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas
    • Almost all personal property in basements
    • Finished flooring and some wall coverings in basements
  • Depreciation (ACV loss settlement)
    • Carpet and appliances
    • Personal property
    • Non-primary residences (damage to building)
    • Low insurance to value (less than 80%)
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Items with limited coverage
    • Artwork
    • Books
    • Jewelry
    • Furs
    • Antiques
    • Personal property used in any business


Imagine being able to offer a client up to $500,000* of additional supplemental payment if they were entitled to a $500,000 loss settlement on their flood policy. This is money that could repair or replace artwork, antiques, seawalls, docks, decks, patios, outbuildings, and even used to elevate their home to help lessen the damage from future storms. It’s your clients’ money, they should use it for what THEY need it for.

*based on purchasing a 100% FloodFLEX endorsement on a building insured for $500,000.

View the FloodFLEX endorsement

ALL FEMA insured building losses have SOME coincident out of pocket expenses.

Ask one of our agents how much it would cost to add FloodFLEX to your client’s flood policy today!


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