Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide affordable flood insurance to protect the possessions and lifestyles of the maximum number of our brokers' home and business owners, while simultaneously improving the lives of our employees and the profitability of our business partners.

 Private Client Flood is a program offered and administered exclusively by The Flood Insurance Agency, Inc.(TFIA), located in Gainesville, FL. The program is specifically designed with the high net worth client in mind, allowing limits up to $10,000,000 and features a one-of-a-kind endorsement known as FloodFLEX. FloodFLEX is an innovative endorsement designed to reduce the out of pocket expenses not covered by traditional flood insurance. The Flood Insurance Agency also administers the widely popular Private Market Flood program designed to replace a low value (under $1,000,000 TIV), stand alone NFIP policy. The policies are offered by Lexington Insurance Company, an AIG company.

We currently offer coverage in 37 States and insure over $4.5 billion dollars of property values. We take great pride in our ability to service the flood insurance needs of both individual property owners and our peers who are professionals in related industries. Over 3000 independent agencies are registered to represent the Private Market Flood program. Our testimonials attest both to our expertise and our reputation. We realize having other professionals rely on us is a privilege and a responsibility, and we treat each of these referrals very seriously.

TFIA does not offer homeowner's or automobile insurance, or do we sell life insurance. Every insurance product we offer provides protection from the peril of flood. TFIA is also a strong advocate of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, insuring thousands of FEMA NFIP policyholders, and is a two-time FEMA “Agent of the Year” nominee.

Our clients benefit from our years of experience and our commitment to excellence. We provide unique services designed specifically to offer much more than just a flood insurance policy.

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